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SoccerTube video channel inspires

February 5, 2015 08:06 PM


SoccerTube video channel inspires and engages players to improve soccer skills in Colorado clubs


DENVER: My Soccer Moves, a mobile app recently released SoccerTube, an online video channel stuffed with soccer videos. Hosted on the Colorado Soccer Association’s website, SoccerTube features soccer skills videos that Colorado Soccer Association players have uploaded using the My Soccer Moves app.


My Soccer Moves inspires players to improve their soccer skills by completing skill levels on the app. Players can upload videos of themselves practicing certain soccer skills and receive critique from online coaches. The app also has a video challenge feature where players challenge one another on skills of their own creation. The interactive, user-generated format engages players of all ages, and gives them a reason to improve their soccer skills and determination to play. There are also features for coaches to engage and communicate with their teams in development.


“Colorado players are clearly inspired to show their creativity and passion for the game through their videos. SoccerTube is a destination to see their inspiration and creativity in action,” says Mike Freitag, director of coaching at the Colorado Soccer Association.


The app launched late last year, but is already used by several teams around the state of Colorado and individual players from around the world.


“In Colorado alone, we have almost 2,000 users, including players but also parents and coaches who want to watch the videos. With CSA as our partner and our new SoccerTube channel, we think we will see thousands of new players all over the state having fun and challenging each other, anywhere and anytime,” says managing partner and co-founder of My Soccer Moves Taylor Ohlsen.


Both Ohlsen and Jason Keller originally created My Soccer Moves as two soccer dads who wanted to inspire their kids to practice and play in their spare time. Both come from a technology background, so they knew that a social component would be helpful to get kids excited. Managing partner Keller says: “We are very excited about the partnership with CSA because our missions are aligned- inspiring passion around the game of soccer for generations of players in Colorado and beyond.”


SoccerTube videos can be found on the Colorado Soccer Association’s website. My Soccer Moves intends to offer SoccerTube solutions to other soccer associations around the world. It also hosts a YouTube channel for players everywhere who want to be featured but aren’t affiliated with a state soccer association. And the results don’t lie. Being featured gets kids active and on the ball.


"My Soccer Moves has inspired my 9 year old son to work on his soccer moves and juggling skills more than anything else ever has,” says Hannah, a My Soccer Moves player’s parent. “After 2 months of participating in the App, I was surprised to see how much Jonah's touches improved during a soccer game.  I am so impressed with what the My Soccer Moves App has done to make him a better player!"





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