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The RESPECT Campaign

Uniting against the ugly side of soccer


The English FA broke ground in 2008 on their "Respect Campaign" across all levels of soccer- Professional, Semi-Pro, Youth, and Grassroots. The idea was to encourage everyone involved in soccer to create a fair, safe, and enjoyable environment in which the game can take place. 


The campaign made its way across the pond in 2012 and US Soccer initiated its own Respect Campaign for fans that travel to watch the U.S. Men's, Women's, and Youth National Teams. The US Referee Connection has also joined the campaign to curb ugly behavior and make the game enjoyable for everyone.


Now, in 2017, Colorado Soccer Association joins the campaign to bring respect and an enjoyable atmosphere to all levels of soccer. In Fall 2016, CSA held its first Silent Saturday- meaning spectators could only applaud the players out on the field and coaches could only provide instruction to players near the sideline, eliminating the need to holler across the field and disrupt the game. This allows players to put their own communication and skills on display and show what the coach instilled in them in the lead up to the game. It also eliminates the foul and abusive language directed towards the officials and opposing players, which makes for a much more enjoyable atmosphere for all involved. 

Join Colorado Soccer in taking a stand against the actions that bring the beautiful game down to a level that makes it hard to enjoy. Use the #Respect and tag @wearecosoccer on Twitter to show signs of respect before, during, and after the game!



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