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The Grassroom

Document Description Post Date
5 Gates .PDF Document Good activity for decision making and changing the point of attack Jan 23, 2015
Dutch Square .PDF Document Great activity to get repetition of passing and adding in combination play. Jan 23, 2015
Combination Circle .PDF Document Passing activity that can be expanded with combination play. Jan 23, 2015
4v2 - 6v4 .PDF Document Activity that addresses possession with a transition in roles. Jan 23, 2015
Combination square .PDF Document Good activity to work on passing and combining. Jan 23, 2015
Pass and finish .PDF Document Passing pattern leading to a strike on goal. Jan 23, 2015
Ball rotation .PDF Document Good passing warm up. Jan 23, 2015
Around the circle passing .PDF Document Passing repetition pattern Jan 23, 2015
Across the channell .PDF Document Directional passing game Jan 23, 2015
4 goals and 2 balls .PDF Document Game with a lot of finishing and decision making. Jan 23, 2015
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