Risk Management

Risk Management

In order to serve as a coach, assistant, coach, manager, or work in any capacity with a member club, one must complete a background check, the CDC Heads Up Concussion Course, and the Safe Sport course. Read each section below as it pertains to these three requirements.

Your coach and/or manager account MUST be created by your club and you must use the username and password your club supplies you.




If you have already completed the requirements but it does not show on your account, please read the PDF linked below to get your status copied to your account.

pdf Copying your Background Check, Safe Sport, or Concussion Test to Another Account


Background Checks

Required for: Coaches and Managers

Frequency: every two years

Duration: five minutes to submit with a 7-10 day waiting period

PDF Walkthrough: Click here to view PDF


Safe Sport Certification

Required for: Coaches and Managers

Frequency: every year

Duration: initial course is 90 minutes; annual refresher course is 20 minutes

Screen Recording:


CDC Concussion Course

Required for: Coaches only

Frequency: every year

Duration: 30 minutes

Screen Recording: SKIP FORWARD TO 1:42