Coaching Education Overview



Dear Coach,

I, like you care deeply about the growth and development of soccer in Colorado. Much of my adult life has been dedicated to the game within our state. If I had to choose one solution that can benefit Colorado Soccer the most it would be Coaching Education.


We all hear about how a good percentage of players stop playing soccer by the age of thirteen. That is hard for me to fathom knowing and loving the game the way I do. The environment and coaching I received in my early years produced a love and passion for the sport. We need to produce that same environment and guidance for our current and future players. The coaching and the environment that we offer them must grasp their attention and hearts.


I credit US Soccer in tackling the huge challenge of raising the level of coaching at the Grassroots Level. They, after several years of development, have just launched a new Grassroots Soccer Education Pathway. The pathway is user friendly and allows a coach at any level to enter the US Soccer Coaching Educational Pathway at a starting point pertinent to them. The curriculum applies a new philosophy and methodology which is somewhat different than past courses. The philosophy is based on three main concepts – 1. Reality-Based Learning, 2. Holistic Approach, and 3. Experiential Learning. It seems that the days of a coaching by just barking out commands are dated.


The Grassroots segment of the US Soccer Coaching Pathway are administered at the state level. The following are the steps of the pathway that will be offered to you online or in-person courses from CSA.


First Step – All coaches should create a Personal Profile on the US Soccer Digital Coaching Center (DCC) - All US Soccer Coaching Education will be done thru the DCC.


Step Two -  All coaches need to start by taking the free Introduction to Grassroots Coaching. This should be done by all coaches whether you already have a license or not. If you are just entering the US Soccer Coaching Pathway it is required.


Step Three – US Soccer has done away with the online F License Couse and the E License Course and has replaced them with modules based on the players ages and the number they play by.


4v4 online               or       4v4 in person

7v7 online               or       7v7v in person

9v9 online               or       9v9 in person

11v11 online           or       11v11 in person


A coach should enter the US Soccer Coaching Pathway at the level that will meet their needs. It is encouraged that coaches try to attend the four-hour in-person modules but if one can’t they should take the two-hour online module.


Coaches who have achieved their E License in the past can enroll in the D License Course. CSA will offer the new D License Curriculum, with the first weekend prior to the Fall Season and the second weekend will be towards the end of the Fall Season. This will allow the candidates to have their teams to complete the assignments which they will be assigned during the Deliberate Phase of the course, which is the time between the two weekends of instruction.


If a candidate intends to continue on the US Soccer Coaching Pathway and enroll in a D License Course in the future and does not have an E License, they will need to complete the following to be eligible to take the D.


  • Completion of the Introduction to Grassroots Coaching

    • Free on the DCC -

  • Completion of one online module

    • The F License can be used for this requirement

  • Completion of two In Person Modules

    • Of the two one must be the 11v11 module


At the present time, there is only one online course available. That is the 4v4 module. The other courses will be posted once completed.


I look forward to presenting the new US Soccer Coaching Education Curriculum and elevating the game in our great state.



Mike Freitag

CSA Director of Coaching