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Posted: October 10, 2018



Title:  Assistant Goal Keeping (GK) Coach

Location:  Skyline Soccer Club - Denver


Description: Assistant GK Coach works with our Recreational & Competitive teams in Colorado Soccer Association leagues. Asst GK Coach focuses on the development of the individual player using age appropriate training methods in conjunction with the Skyline Player Development Plan and they work closely with the Director of Goal Keeping, Director of Coaching and the Technical Director of the club. You will need to coordinate and communicate with families on a regular basis.  This is a contract, paid position for the Spring 2019 season with potential seasons beyond.



  • Asst. GK Coach will be asked to run and assist with multiple GK training session per week.  Some weekend coverage or training on Saturday game days as well.

  • Asst. GK Coach is expected to respond to emails from team members, team parents, opposing coaches, club Administrator, Director of Goal Keeping, Director of Coaching and Technical Director in less than 24 hours.

  • Asst. GK Coach is expected to lead and assist during the Tryout process for all Skyline Competitive teams; including duties associated with GK player placement and player evaluations.

  • Pay is commensurate with experience, licensing and team level, per season.

  • Additional work opportunities, such as camps, may be available.



  • Must be able to pass a background check.

  • Must be willing to participate in coach education offered by the club and US Soccer.

  • Must have previous soccer playing or coaching experience.


For additional information or to apply, please email George Pavlantos at or you can call 720.399.1643.  Please visit our site to see other soccer job opportunities at



Posted: October 10, 2018



Title:  Team Coach

Location:  Skyline Soccer Club - Denver


Description: Team Coaches instruct our higher level teams in Colorado Soccer Association leagues. Focus on the development of the individual players using age appropriate training methods in conjunction with the Skyline Player Development Plan. Work closely with the Director of Coaching and Technical Director of the club. Team Coach will coordinate and communicate with families on a regular basis.  This is a contract, paid position for the Spring 2019 season with potential seasons beyond.



  • Team Coaches conduct 2 to 3 team training session per week (depending on the age and playing level) games on Saturdays and some Sundays.

  • Team Coaches are in charge of match management duties for each team (30 to 45 minute warm-up prior to matches, line-ups, substitutions, match tactics, etc.)

  • Team Coaches are expected to respond to emails from team members, team parents, opposing coaches, club Administrator, Director of Coaching and Technical Director in less than 24 hours.

  • Team Coaches will manage and support team participating in appropriate tournaments and off-season training.

  • Team Coaches are expected to lead their respective teams in the tryout process for all Skyline Competitive teams including duties associated with player placement.

  • Team Coaches are expected to attend and assist in the tryout process for all Skyline Competitive teams.  Team coaches will also conduct player evaluations and hold team meetings.

  • Pay is commensurate with experience, licensing and team level, per season.

  • Additional work opportunities, such as camps, may be available.



  • Must be able to pass a background check

  • Must be willing to participate in coach education offered by the club and by US Soccer.

  • Must have previous soccer playing or coaching experience.


For additional information or to apply, please email George Pavlantos at or you can call 720.399.1643.  Please visit our site to see other soccer job opportunities at


Posted: September 5, 2018




About:  The 8U-10U Recreational Director job is a full-time, exempt position with the Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club.


The 8U-10U Recreational Director manages operations for the Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer’s South Recreational programs for 8U-10U participants.


This position is 50% office administration and 50% field duties. This position reports directly to the Zone 1 Technical Director.


The following is a broad overview of duties to be performed by the 8U-10U Recreational Director.


Executive Responsibilities

With oversight from the Zone 1 Technical Director and in concert with the 8U-10U Central Recreational Director and the 9U-10U Select Director, establish, implement, evaluate, and lead the Colorado Rapid’s mission for 8U-10U recreational programs, including, but not limited to 8U-10U Recreational League, 8U Select Program, 9U-10U Recreational PLUS program and Rapids Development Centers in the South region. This includes coach and player development and retention, coach and player recruitment, education, and effective communication, administration, and organization.


Player Development Responsibilities

With the supervision of the Zone 1 Technical Director and in concert with the 9U-10U Select Director, implement the technical portion of the 8U-10U recreational program.  This includes providing age- and developmentally-appropriate curricula for recreational teams and programs consistent with the Rapids club-wide curriculum and methodology.  Evaluate players appropriately by leading, facilitating and evaluating the player placement process in conjunction with other staff.


Identify upcoming players from the 8U program to coordinate team formation with coaches and player placement into the 9U Recreational and Select programs.


Administrative Responsibilities

Assist in overseeing high level administrative duties related to the program, including, but not limited to player recruitment and registration, allocation of field assignments, player placement, creating and managing leagues, creating community events, marketing and building partnerships to grow programming, and all ongoing daily duties as required to successfully complete the position. Provide excellent customer service, including responding to all emails and phone calls within 24 hours.


Coaching Development Responsibilities

With the supervision of the Zone 1 Technical Director and in concert with the 9U-10U Select Director, implement appropriate education opportunities for staff and identify, hire, retain and lead additional technical staff, including support staff and team coaches; organize and evaluate age-appropriate coaching clinics.


Lead the identification, recruitment, placement and education process for parent-volunteer coaches; support volunteers with coaching resources, including equipment, coaching clinics, curriculum, in-person game-day support, and other opportunities that help simplify the volunteer coach role.


Communication Responsibilities

In concert with the Zone 1 Administrator, develop, organize and communicate effectively in person, over the phone and through email all information for the 8U-10U Recreational programs including, but not limited to program overview, player placement, coach placement, key transition information and all ongoing communication to keep coaches and members informed. 


Marketing and Growth Responsibilities

Consistently work to grow and develop programming, working with local schools, private organizations, and other non-traditional outlets that help grow and develop the Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club programs, name, and brand. Act as an ambassador for the Club in the community, representing the Club with the utmost care and diligence, promoting the brand and all it offers throughout the Front Range.


Salary commensurate with experience. Rapids Youth Soccer is an EEO company.



Interested applicants should contact:

Kincaid Schmidt

Technical Director, Zone 1

Rapids Youth Soccer

303-399-5858 ext 203




Posted:  July 18, 2018

Title:  Director of Coaching

Location:  Aspen United Soccer Club 

Full Time Position. Salary commensurate with experience


Duties and Responsibilities:

The DOC reports to the AUSC Board of Directors working closely with the Director of Operations, the Coaching Committee of the Board.  The DOC for AUSC is responsible for creating and implementing a program for developing the leadership skills, technical skills and knowledge of all coaches.  This program should ensure that all players at all ages are coached and evaluated in a consistent manner that enables players to maximize their potential and make a positive contribution to their team and AUSC.  The DOC will direct and supervise the AUSC coaching staff and is ultimately responsible for meeting the overall objectives relative to coach, player and team development established by the Board of AUSC.  To that end, DOC is expected to be a positive role model for AUSC, exhibiting a positive attitude towards members of the Board, co-workers, coaches, players, parents, opponents, and officials.  DOC is expected to perform all duties and services necessary and normally associated with that position during the Term of this Agreement, including, without limitation, the following:


Coaching Development

  • Assign the right coach to the right player skill level based on the strengths of the particular coach affiliated with the demands of the particular skill level.

  • Attend as many training sessions as possible and provide coaching guidance and support.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the development and premier programs, monitor coaching.

  • Develop and monitor club coach standards and expectations.  Provide a list of coaching responsibilities and coaching Code of Conduct to be followed by the coaching staff.

  • Lead coaching educational training sessions.

  • Create and implement coach development curriculum for all coaches in the club including both formal (licensing courses, seminars, etc.) and informal (observation and feedback, mentoring, etc.) development.

  • Provide individual coach evaluation and continuing development plans after each season.


Player Development.

  • Oversee player development and help coaches create curriculum and player development plans for all teams and ages.

  • Identify and establish specific player development programs when necessary (i.e. goalie development).

  • Ensure that all coaches have written training session lesson plans to enhance player development during training sessions.

  • Attend practices and games for Premier and Development teams to provide assistance, feedback and advice.

  • Ensure that a coach is available and assigned to each practice and game throughout the season.  In the event that a coach will be absent for a practice or a game, work directly with the coach to ensure a substitute is available.  AUSC will provide a methodology for tracking coach attendance.

  • Coordinate and facilitate coaching for skills clinics for the development of players.

  • Coordinate and facilitate coaching for winter training camps.

  • Ensure that each coach provides each player with individual evaluations at the end of each season.  Player evaluations should be delivered in live one-on-one sessions with each player.


Referee Assignment/Development

  • Assign an official (or group of officials) from a list of qualified/eligible officials to every scheduled AUSC home match using Game Officials or any other means as dictated by the Colorado Soccer Association.  The number of officials needed per match will be communicated to the Assignor by DOO as soon as possible.

  • Provide the DOO and team managers with schedule of all assigned officials by Friday at Noon before each weekend AUSC hosts games.

  • Notify the DOO via email at least 24 hours prior to a match, in the event that no referee was originally assigned from the list of qualified/eligible referees for that time and date, or in the event that a scheduled referee cannot perform as scheduled, and the Assignor cannot find a qualified replacement.

  • Ensure any referee identified by AUSC as being ineligible to officiate games conducted by AUSC is not assigned any match under the authority of AUSC and Is removed from all assignments to which the League requested restriction applies.

  • Provide the DOO with weekly with the names of any officials assigned to games that are not eligible to be paid through Game Officials All (u10 games, u12 AR’s).


Program/Curriculum Development

  • Present for approval to the Coaching Committee a detailed, written curriculum for each level to create a structured system for teaching children how to play and think soccer. This curriculum will provide the coaches with a list of technical and tactical objectives to work on with their players each year.  Focus on the long-term development of the players with a focus on a possession-oriented, attacking, skillful style of play.

  • Develop a training curriculum that will allow each coach to adjust to the skill level of each team to ensure that each group of players develops the fundamental building blocks necessary to progress to the next level.

  • Provide winter training and off-season training.


Club Development

  • Inspire a Love of the Game in coaches, players, parents and executives.

  • Work with the Board to grow the enrollment of the soccer programs.

  • Identify, recruit, retain and lead top-level coaches.

  • Identify, recruit and retain referees.

  • Create a Club culture that values and rewards player development instead of a culture that focuses solely on winning. 

  • Lead by example in working with coaches and players to commit to the work ethic required for success.


Parent Development 

  • Educate parents to focus on the long-term development of their children and not on the outcome of individual games. 

  • Communicate with parents before each season to share the Club’s philosophy at annual all club meeting. 

  • Work with coaches to manage sideline behavior to focus on the quality of soccer and confidence of the players.

  • Engage the parents in overall player development

  • When necessary, assist coaches with resolving parent and/or player disputes on any teams and advise the Board of the matter.  This includes team placement concerns.

  • Explain to parents the difference in tournament play expectations versus regular season expectations


Club Administration

  • Understand the program budget developed by the Board of AUSC as related to coaching and play.

  • Conduct not less than weekly meetings with the DOO and Coaching Committee.

  • Work with the Coaching Committee to establish a standardized tryout process.  Oversee player assessments/tryouts and ultimately approve all finalized rosters.

  • Assess teams and advise the Coaching Committee of the appropriate level of competition each team should be entered for league play.

  • Work with the DOO, team managers and coaches to identify and select tournaments for all levels of play.

  • Communicate with Colorado Soccer Association (CSA) about rules and policies and attend in person or by phone all relevant CSA meetings.

  • Support and attends all special events hosted by AUSC.

  • Represent the club in the soccer and local community.

  • Be responsive to coach, player and parent emails in a timely fashion.

  • Be responsive to Board, DOO and Coaching Committee’s communications in a reasonable and responsible manner.  DOC is expected to timely respond to phone, email, text and other forms of communication.

  • Ensure all coaching contracts, background checks and relevant paper work and certifications are completed and in order prior to the beginning of each season.  The Board or DOO will prepare the coaching contracts.


Interested applicants should contact:

Heidi Godomsky

Director of Operations

Aspen United Soccer



Posted:  July 12, 2018

Title:  Director of Coaching

Location:  Montrose Soccer Club 


Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Serve as technical advisor all Club coaches.
    • Train designated coaches in coaching philosophy and methodology according to age level assignments.
    • Guide and monitor all coaches as to age appropriate coaching methods and practice sessions.
    • Serve as the final technical level authority regarding the development of players.
  • Review, update and implement coaching education programs to meet the needs of programs within Montrose.  This may include encouraging coaches to attend established courses and/or helping to facilitate hosting those courses in Montrose.
  • Develop added material (teaching and training aids), which help coaches at various levels within the club.
  • Select, train and mentor club coaches
  • Maintain an updated list of coaches with their qualifications and risk management information.
  • Observe and evaluate coaches as they coach and run training sessions. 
  • Serve as back-up coach for home games if a coach is unavailable.
  • Develop, implement, review and recommend for purchase materials for a soccer library, available to all registered coaches within the club to be provided online or in coach books.  To review all material, i.e. films, videos, books, manuals, flyers, hand-outs etc. to be distributed and/or utilized by coaches.
  • Determine appropriate coaching material for inclusion on Club website.



  • Responsible for developing age group appropriate player development program; scheduling, staffing, and administering player development clinics that would be held throughout the year.
  • Develop curriculums for training programs and clinics based upon the age and ability of the participants.
  • Develop skills/merit award programs and other player activities.
  • Work towards the formation of a club recreational camp or program to introduce Montrose Recreation District players to the Club.



  • Select and appoint the coaching staff for both boys and girls, subject to approval of the Board of Directors. 
  • Prepare suggested criteria and procedures for player placement in conjunction with selected coaches.  
  • Develop a yearly program calendar for the club.
  • Specify equipment that is age group specific.



  • Assist in the formulation of an annual budget for coaching and player programs.
  • Prepare quarterly reports of accomplishments and activities to be presented at the Board meetings.
  • Develop long term goals and submit them to the Board annually.  Include the numbers of anticipated participants as well as a plan for courses to be held during a calendar year.
  • Attend and participate at club board meetings and AGM’s when requested. 
  • Maintain records of courses and clinics, including list of attendees, financial expenditures, etc.
  • Assist in creation of informational media for coaching and player development programs. 
  • With prior approval by the President, attend the following types of functions:
  • Appropriate coaching seminars/symposia/workshops
  • Appropriate coaching schools to maintain a current license / earn continuing education hours to retain an active license status.

Candidate Requirements:

  • USSF Grassroots 11 v 11 or United Soccer Coaches 11 v 11 license (or their equivalent) required.
  • Demonstrated ability to instruct in soccer, as this person’s responsibility is to educate players, coaches, parents and the public.
  • Demonstrated broad and diverse coaching ability at all ages and levels of play.
  • Playing experience at a competent level of play is preferred.
  • Demonstrated ability to motivate players, coaches, parents and volunteers.


Interested applicants should contact:

Jason Ulman


Montrose Soccer Club 


Updated:  July 17, 2018

Title: Staff Coach


Location: Grand Junction Fire FC


Coaching Duties:

  • 8 training sessions a week and games on the weekend during the fall and spring (fall August 1 – November 1 and spring Mid-Feb – Mid- June). Person would coach 2 teams and then train and oversee the training of 2 teams.

  • PDP on Friday nights as well.

  • Winter training 2-3 times per week and the possibility of attending tournaments outside of the state. Would also work at the futsal league in the winter.

  • Summer – work club camps, club 3v3 league, tryouts.


Office Duties –

  • You would be expected to manage your teams and communicate with the head coach of the teams you train.

  • Managing your team could be done without being in the club office and you would probably spend 1 hour or so on this per day.

  • You will be asked to work in the office and duties will include:

    • Background checks on coaches

    • Building recreation teams

    • contacting volunteer coaches for recreation teams

    • Setting up programs on our website/registration system

    • Managing face book account and website.

    • Customer service and public relations.

    • Helping in all facets of our club tournaments

      • Recruiting teams

      • Building schedules

      • Finding sponsors

      • Finding volunteers

    • Managing programs in the club

      • College Advisory Program – helping kids and parents to understand the college search/recruiting process.

        • Helping in all facets including marketing themselves, writing emails, writing cover letters and resumes, contacting coaches, etc.

    • Managing mentorship program with young club coaches.

      • Teaching them how to communicate with parents and players.

      • Running training sessions for them.

      • Helping them with problems that arise on the team

  • Being available in the office for parents with questions or concerns about programs, teams, etc.


Requirements –

  • Minimum USSF C, FA 2 or equivalent.

  • Bachelors Degree.

  • College playing experience or comparable (European apprenticeship program or 15 years experience).

  • Desire to continue your coaching education, which the club would like to assist you with financially.

  • A genuine desire to make a positive difference in the lives of kids and to improve the level of play in our club and state.

  • Four year bachelors’ degree.



Interested applicants should contact Shaun Howe at Please include your soccer resume. You can also give me a call at 970-589-1401 to discuss further.


Updated:  July 12, 2018

Title: Director of Coaching (DOC)


Location/Club:  FC Glenwood, CO



Part-Time seasonal position.  Will be responsible for managing the functions of the youth coaching and Player Development Program. Assists with club development and community outreach as deemed necessary.  



Strong leadership, organizational and communication skills. Ability to work well with all ages groups. 


Additional information:

For additional information and application instructions, visit us at




Title: Team Coach


Location/Club: Louisville/Lafayette – Trebol Soccer Club


Description: Be the head coach of a youth boy’s or girl’s soccer team.


Full Description: You will be in charge of the team you are assigned. You will work with the age group technical director to ensure the curriculum and experience for the players matches the vision and philosophy of the club. You must attend and execute two 90-minute training sessions a week. You will be asked to communicate with the families on a regular basis. 


If there are a few positions open under this description, list them here:
Multiple youth boy’s and girls teams


We have: A technical staff that will continue to support you and your team throughout the year. We encourage our coaches to continue their coaching education, which is offered through the club in various forms. 


You must have: Experience with coaching youth soccer players. Be a great communicator to the families and also the technical staff.


This job might be for you if: You have a passion for the game and helping develop youth soccer players.


What success will look like: Our definition of “success” focuses on the development of the player both technically and tactically, not by wins and loses. We work on instilling confidence of the individual player and try to embrace their passion for the game. 


Required Qualifications: 
USSF “F” License (or equivalent) 
Completed background check
Previous soccer coaching experience


Additional information:

To Apply Contact:

   Erich Delfs
   Director of Coaching





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