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Celebration Saturday


Celebration Saturday


Colorado Soccer Association is proud that a clear majority of our parents, coaches and players have demonstrated that they are some of the most passionate, knowledgeable, and loyal fans around the state. We do however have a select few who bring a negative light to the sport. To encourage everyone to create a positive, safe and enjoyable environment on game day, the Colorado Soccer Association would like to invite you to promote “Celebration Saturday” in lieu of “Silent Saturday” on September 23rd.


The purpose of “Celebration Saturday” on September 23rd is to 

  • Model and promote good behavior on the sidelines for our kids.

  • Silence all the negative comments and behaviors on game-day that are pushing good people out of the sport.


The idea of “Silent Saturday” evolved about 10 years ago. It first started as a symbolic gesture to bring attention to the out-of-control sideline behaviors of parents. It was apparent that some of the most well-mannered adults were disruptive on the sideline during matches, often ignoring the fact that the game of soccer belonged to the kids. They had forgotten that life may not always be fair when it comes to sports or that the best team may not always win. These attitudes became contagious and the behaviors on the sidelines started to deteriorate.


These behaviors have left negative impacts on the sport:

  • Coaches are walking away from the game. 

  • Kids are leaving the sport, choosing other activities where there is less parental involvement.

  • Due to on and off the pitch confrontations with parents and coaches, there has become a referee shortage.


Consequently, club and state associations nationwide have elected to adopt programs like “Silent Saturday” to curb negative sideline behaviors that have pushed people out of the game. What started out as a symbolic gesture has grown into a program with pages of documentation as to what is and is not permissible on “Silent Saturdays”. Some states, like South Carolina, have adopted “Silent Saturdays” for the entire month of September.



A New Era in Colorado Soccer


We have the ability in Colorado to change sideline behavior provided we all take a stance and work together as a UNITED front against poor sportsmanship by modeling good behavior. While the rest of the country is promoting “Silent Saturday” CSA is advocating a proactive approach by promoting positive behavior with “Celebration Saturday” on September 23rd.  When our kids take the field on September 23rd, let us demonstrate a new, refreshing, and positive approach to game attendance and enjoyment. Regardless of the intensity of the game or the outcome of the match, let’s cheer as loud as we can for good play and good sportsmanship. Please join the Colorado Soccer Association and take an active role on September 23rd by helping us promote good sportsmanship in Colorado. More information about Celebration Saturday will be forthcoming leading up to September 23rd



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