ODP Tryouts

Colorado Olympic Development Program Overview


The Colorado Olympic Development Program(ODP) has served as an avenue for player development and recognition for decades. It is intended to give gifted players additional training, competition, and recognition in addition to the training and games a player gets with their club team.

The following is provided to give you an outline of how the ODP is conducted within the state.


Front Range(FR) and Mountain Region(MR) Programs

In an effort to offer players throughout the entire state, CSA offers two ODP options. There is the traditional program that meets the needs of the front range and we are now growing an additional program that will facilitate the talented players in the mountain region. This has been done to make the program available geographically to as many players as possible.



Tryouts are intended for players who have excelled and show promise in soccer. We are aware that many of Colorado’s top players are participating in other programs such as the DA, and ECNL. However, those programs are not for everyone because of costs, time commitment, the desire to play H.S., etc… The ODP seeks out committed players that want additional training to that they receive from their clubs. The tryouts are by invitation only. On the Front Range players who participate in one of the top three CSA Leagues will receive an invite email to sin up for the ODP tryouts. The Mountain Region invites will be based on recommendations from the players clubs. Players have the option of participating in either the FR or MR ODP, whichever one is most conducive for them.

The ODP is funded through tryout fees and players fees. A player interested in trying out will need to pay a $100 tryout fee. Players will receive a minimum of to two evaluations and will also be given an ODP kit which consists of a t-shirt, shorts and socks. These items will be used as training gear for players that are selected to the age group pool. There will be three tryout dates in which players are encouraged to attend all three. Those dates will be confirmed for July weekends.

If a player cannot make all three they will be guaranteed at least two sessions in which they will be evaluated.

The 2018/19 ODP season will encompass the following age groups on both the girls and boys sides – 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 birth years. Players in the ODP play with those players born in the same year.


Player Pools

Head Coaches of each age group will select a pool of players from the tryouts. Pool sizes can range from 30-40 players. Those selected will be offered the opportunity to be a part of that age groups player pool. The pool will participate in training throughout the year. If a player decides to accept the offer they will need to register and pay a player pool fee of $150. That fee will be used to pay for facilities and other expenses for the year-round trainings.

It is the intention to have the player pools finalized in early August. The pools will then proceed to have training, most likely on Sundays for the months of August, September, and October. This time will be used to train and to sort out the team of sixteen players to represent Colorado at the Region IV ODP Championships which are usually held in Phoenix in January.

During the months of November and December coaches will concentrate on getting the team together for the Championships. This may mean that some of the pool will not participate in all the trainings during this time so that the coach can focus on those selected for the team. The ODP Championships have cost around $700 for participants the last couple of years.

January and February are slow months mainly because of the weather and the fact that indoor facilities are hard to come by. It does not mean we will not seek out opportunities to get the entire pool together at times. The Region offers Sub-Regional events usually in May where individual player can attend for training and evaluation from Regional Staff.


Additional trainings will be scheduled when it is nice outdoors. The following is a tentative schedule for the year.

ODP timeline












Past and current ODP staff members are among Colorado’s finest coaches. They are hand picked by CSA and nurtured into the role of an ODP Coach. The top requirements for the staff are – knowledge, integrity, and dedication. The Develop in ODP also is intended not just for the players but also the coaches involved. It is an opportunity to work with talented players and alongside other talented coaches.



ODP Costs