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2002 Boys ODP Tryout Registrants,


We have finally set out 3rd and final tryout date!!  


Date:  Sunday August 6, 2017

Time:  2p-4p

Location: Ft. Logan Soccer Complex 3742 W. Princeton Cir, Denver CO


Please mark your calendars ....See you Sunday!!   




Attending the 2017/18 ODP Front Range Tryouts? Here's some useful information for tryouts, including a checklist, addresses, and other vital information so you are prepared. If you have any questions, email



Tryouts will be held at Fort Logan Soccer Fields- 3742 W Princeton Cir, Denver, CO for all age groups.

The only exception is for the final tryout for the 2001 Girls and 2002 Girls on August 8th. Those tryouts will be held at the University of Colorado - Colorado Springs (UCCS) and Broomfield County Commons Park, respectively. 

University of Colorado - Colorado Springs (UCCS)- Mountain Lion Stadium (Scroll to Page 2)

  • Take Interstate 25 Southbound
  • Take Exit 148 (Nevada/Rockrimmon/Corporate)
  • Take left onto North Nevada Avenue
  • Take left onto Eagle Rock Road (fourth stoplight)
  • Continue to the roundabout and go left.
  • The parking lot is located on the north end of the stadium (Lot 576)


Broomfield County Commons Park- 13200 Sheridan Blvd, Broomfield, CO



Be sure to arrive at tryouts at least 30-45 minutes prior to your allotted time. The earlier you show up, the better so you can breeze through check in!

Be sure to bring the following items:

  • Water and/or Gatorade.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Your soccer ball (properly inflated) ,labeled with you name and phone number on it.
  • Your wining attitude!
  • Dressed in athletic clothing with shin guards. DO NOT WEAR ANY CLUB GEAR OR CLUB LOGOS.
  • Goalkeepers- be prepared for individual GK sessions.


When you arrive at the fields, go to the big tent. Here, you'll want to line up in the designated line and check in at the table. 

Upon checking in, you'll receive your penny number and obtain your tryout gear. All sizes for tryout gear were entered during the registration process. 

If you are arriving to tryouts on the 2nd or 3rd tryout day, please make sure to check in and then communicate with your coaches that you missed or are going to miss a tryout so they can be sure to get a good look at on the days you are present. 

The more tryouts you attend, the better!



We will be watching Weather Bug at the tryouts since it looks like we will encounter some inclement weather. 

Our policy will be if a lightning strike is within 8-10 miles of Fort Logan, we will clear the fields and have the players and coaches go to their cars where they are safe. The field will remain cleared until 30 minutes from the last strike.

If the weather looks like it could turn inclement, we ask that parents stay for their player's tryout, just in case. 



Below are the full schedules for ODP tryouts. Remember to arrive 30-45 minutes prior to your time slot so you can check in!


Schedule by Birth Year






Click here PDF of ODP FAQ's







 ODP FAQ’s - 2017/2018

1.       What is ODP?

a.       ODP stands for Olympic Development Program. This program is offered to the players of Colorado by Colorado Soccer Association (CSA), the State office, in conjunction with your club.

i.      The Olympic Development Program (ODP) is a US Youth Soccer program designed for identifying and training elite players throughout the country and offer Colorado elite players’ opportunities for added development and player recognition.

ii.      Players are evaluated by the CSA ODP Staff and selected into a pool which will train in a professional environment with high quality coaches.  The environment created by the elite players and professional coaches will go far into the development of the pool.  The coaches will select a team from the pool to compete in Regional Identifier competitions.  Those players will go back into the pool to continue to train for the season. It is from these competitions that players have been selected for Regional teams and National teams.

2.       How do I get my player(s) involved in ODP?

a.       ODP is not an open tryout but a tryout by invitation.  Please email for more information on getting an invitation for your player.


      ODP Tryouts

3.       I heard that tryouts were by invitation only. Is this true?  And if so, how do I get my player(s) invited?

a.       Yes, tryouts are by invitation only.

b.      CSA ODP will send invitations via email to all previous ODP pool players from last season, all players that are playing on the teams that are in the Colorado Champions League, Coach’s recommendations and also by being scouted at State Cup games and/or league games by our ODP coaches.

c.       If you think that your player(s) should have received an email and did not, please email us at

4.       When and where are tryouts for the ODP Season?

a.       This information will be provided in the invite email.

5.       When is the ODP Season and how does it affect my player currently playing with their Club team?

a.       2017/2018 Season is from August 2017 – June 2018. 

b.      ODP works in conjunction with your player(s) club team.

6..       Does my player(s) have to attend all 3 dates for tryouts?

a.       CSA ODP does recommend attending all 3 tryout dates.  We also understand that player(s) have prior commitments: out of town/country, tournaments.  If you do have prior commitments, please contact us at

7.       What are the age groups this year for the tryouts?

a.       Players (both Girls and Boys) born in the years:

     i.      2006,2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, & 2001

8.       What are the tryout fees and what does that include?

a.       The tryout fee is $100 and will include a tryout Kit: 1-shirt, 1-pair of shorts, 1-pair of socks.

b.      You will pick the sizes when you register your player(s).

9.       How do I pay for tryouts?

a.       You can pay online with a credit card when you register.

b.      You can also send a check to the office.

Colorado Soccer Association

Attn: ODP Tryouts

4643 S Ulster St, Ste 250

Denver, CO 80237

10.     Do I have to register my player(s) for the tryouts and how do I do it?

a.       Yes, you do need to register your player(s) for tryouts by the deadline.  You will use the link that is provided in the email.

b.      If you think that you should have received an email and did not, please contact us at

11.      What should my player(s) bring and wear to tryouts?

a.       Your player(s) should bring to tryouts:

              i.      Properly inflated soccer ball (please include name and phone # on the ball)

ii.      Water bottle

iii.      Normal soccer practice attire – shorts, shin guards, t-shirt (no club logos on apparel, soccer bag is ok). Player will be asked to change into ODP shirt to take field for tryouts.

iv.      Positive attitude

v.      Your ‘A’ game

12.       After all three days of tryouts, what is the next step?

a.       The coaches will collect all of the data on your player(s) and select players for the ODP pool.

b.      CSA will send out an email to everyone with the pool players listed.

13.      Will my player(s) receive an evaluation after tryouts?

a.       Evaluations will not be given out after tryouts, coaches will be selecting players for the pool.

     ODP Pool Players

14.      What is the pool and why is it important?

a.       Your player(s) goal is to make it from tryouts to the pool. Once selected to participate in the pool from the coach, they will receive trainings and will have opportunities to represent Colorado in a Regional identifier tournament and/or event(s).

15.     What is the cost to be a pool player?

a.       The cost is $150 and will include trainings from ODP/Regional coaches for your birth year.  You will train throughout the ODP season, August 2017-June 2018.

b.      You will register to be a pool player with a link via email sent from CSA.

16.       What is the ODP pool season?

a.       The season will start officially in August 2017 and go through June 2018.

17.    When will we know, when and if, our player(s) made the pool?

a.       Once the coaches select the ODP pool for each birth year, an email will be sent out to all of the players with the list of the pool players attached.

b.      Only the names of the players selected to the pool will be listed on the CSA website under ODP and their birth year.

18.     When will the ODP pool players train together?

a.       The training schedule will be sent to each player via email. The training will be throughout the current ODP season. Ideally, ODP will train every Sunday after the pool is announced – this may vary to due coach’s schedules and Mother Nature.

b.      The trainings will mostly in the Metro Denver area on different fields. There may training in Colorado Springs or possibly in Ft Collins (depending on the coach of that age group).

19.       How will CSA ODP communicate with ODP pool players?

a.       CSA ODP will communicate with pool players any changes/additions/cancellations in the Training Schedule, etc. via email and the Sports Logic app.  Instructions will also be sent out to the pool parents/players via email.

20.       Will players ever be cut from the ODP pool?

a.       It is not typical for ODP coaches to cut a player after they make the pool.

21.       What if my pool player has a conflict between ODP and Club games/tournament?

a.       ODP works in conjunction with your club, so if ODP is having a training and your player has a club game or tournament, then we ask that you honor your commitment to your club team.  If your club coach has scheduled a training/scrimmage the same time as the ODP traveling team has scheduled training, ODP asks that you attend the ODP training.

    ODP Traveling Teams

22.       If my player is chosen for the team, are they done for the season?

a.       No, they will be on the team for that tournament, then they will go back into the pool to train with the rest of the pool players.

23.      Is my player just picked for one team and then not again for the ODP season?

a.       There is a chance that your player may be picked again to be on a team. It’s ODP’s goal to try to get each pool player to be seen by a Regional coach.

b.      If your player isn’t picked for the Championship game, there is another chance at the end of the season. We will refer all of the players to a Scramble (Regional Identifier) in June.

24.   Along with Regional Coaches, are there also College Coaches present at the Regional Identifier events?

a.       Yes. The host state will have a list of all of the college coaches that have asked for rosters, typically that information is available.

          ODP Regional Identifier Tournaments/Events

25.       What is an ODP Regional identifier?

a.       It can be a tournament or an event (scramble).  A scramble is an event that the player will not attend as a team but as an individual and be put on a team with players of their same age/gender from different states within Region IV.

b.      The Region IV coaches attend and scout players to choose for their Regional Camp.

c.       College coaches also attend these events.

26.     Do I need to purchase a jersey or ODP kit outside of the gear that I’ve received at tryouts?

a.       No, CSA ODP will provide the jerseys for the tournaments. The jerseys are property of CSA and will need to be returned to the coaches at the end of the event.

27.       If my player(s) is chosen for one tournament/event, are they done for the season?

a.       No, your player may be chosen for more than one event. If they are chosen to be part of the Colorado team for an event after the event, they go back into the pool and continue to train for another opportunity.

28.      What if my player is chosen for Regional Pool Camp at a tournament/event?

a.       If your player is chosen, they have reached their first goal as an ODP player. They do not need to attend any other tournaments/events for ODP.

i.      They can continue training with the pool, it is an option.

      ODP Regional Camps/Pool

      A player must be a part of ODP to be selected to attend Regional Camp. After your player attends Regional

       Camp they may be selected to the Regional Pool.

29.       How will I be contacted if my player is selected to attend Regional Camp?

a.       Typically, Region IV will get your information from Brandi and will contact you directly to attend Regional camp. They will provide all of the instructions/information for you.

b.      CSA ODP does have Regional coaches on staff and they have the option to bring a team or two into Regional Camp. In this case, CSA will contact you directly with all of the instructions/information.

A Regional team is selected from Regional Pool and attends the Interregional competition between all four Regions (Colorado is in Region IV).  Regional Identifiers and Regional events are scouted by College coaches and National team coaches.


 Mike Freitag                                      

 CSA Director of Coaching                    
 #720-292-2427 (Direct)                   



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