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Congratulations to the Fall 2016 State Cup Teams!


Congratulations to the Fall 2016 State Cup teams, players, coaches, and parents for another great season!


Champs- Real Colorado National 04
State Cup U13 Girls Champs: Real Colorado National 04
Finalist- Colorado Rush 04
State Cup Finalists U13 Girls: Colorado Rush 04
GU14 Champs- CO Storm 03G Academy Volt (4)
State Cup Girls U14 Champs: Colorado Storm 03 Academy Volt
GU14 Finalists- Pride SC Predators 03G
State Cup Girls U14 Finalists: Pride SC Predators 03
GU15 Champs- Real Colorado Olympico 02 (9)
State Cup U15 Girls Champs: Real Colorado Olympico 02
GU15 Finalists- FC Boulder 02 Girls Elite(U15)
State Cup Girls U15 Finalists: FC Boulder 02 Girls Elite
GU16 Champs- Broomfield Blast 01 Girls Prestige (5)
State Cup U16 Champs: Broomfield Blast 01 Girls Prestige
GU16 Finalists- Fc Boulder 01 Girls Elite (U16)
State Cup U16 Finalists: FC Boulder 01 Girls Elite
GU17 Champ- Co Storm 00G Acadaemy (5)
State Cup U17 Girls Champs: Colorado Storm 00G Academy
GU17 Finalists- Colorado United 00G White
State Cup U17 Girls Finalists: Colorado United 00G White
GU18 Champ- Arsenal Colorado Academy 99 (4)
State Cup U18 Girls Champs: Arsenal Colorado Academy 99
GU18 Finalist- Pride SC Predators 99-00G
State Cup Girls U18 Finalist: Pride SC Predators 99-00 
GU19 Champ- Pride SC Predators 99G (2)
State Cup U19 Girls Champs: Pride SC Predators 99G
GU19 Finalist- CO Storm 99-98G Academy
State Cup U19 Girls Finalists: Colorado Storm 99-98G
BU13 Champs- Colorado United 04B White (5)
State Cup U13 Boys Champs: Colorado United White 04B
BU13 Finalists- Real Colorado Edge Select 04
State Cup U13 Boys Finalists: Real Colorado Edge Select 04