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National Presidents Cup Kicks Off Thursday, July 13th in Auburndale, Florida



Colorado Storm North 02 Select (15UG) is the state’s lone rep in the National Presidents Cup, which is being held in Auburndale, Florida from July 13-16.

Below you will find the schedule for Colorado Storm North 02 Select, in which they will battle the other regional Presidents Cup winners in blistering, humid weather with a high chance of rain every day of the week.

Colorado Storm North 02 Select topped their group last month at the Region IV Presidents Cup in Salt Lake City, before winning each of the knockout games, including a 2-1 win over Barca Cantera (CA-S) in the final. The victory in the final saw them clinch their berth for the National Presidents Cup.


GU15 Storm North

Their first game will see them take on Arkansas Rush 03/03 Black (AR), who won all 5 games in the Region III Presidents Cup while scoring fifteen goals and conceding one.

Next up for Storm North is World Cup SC Greater Nashua 2002 Elite (NH). Despite finishing second in group play, they went on to claim the crown after gaining revenge in the final for the lone defeat in group play.

In the final group stage game, the girls will play against Puma FC Academy Chelsea (KS), who made the National Presidents Cup courtesy of a penalty shootout win in the final of the Region II Presidents Cup.

The top two teams in group play will play each other again in the final, with the third and fourth place team playing a consolation game.

Good luck, ladies!!

gu15 storm North



Colorado Storm North 02 Girls Select

GS: 1-4 vs. Arkansas Rush 03/03 Black (AR)

GS: 5-0 vs. World Cup SC Greater Nashua 2002 Elite (NH)

GS: 2-1 vs. Puma FC Academy Chelsea

F: 5-4 vs. Arkansas Rush 03/03 Black (AR)





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