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How To Become A Member

Membership Benefits 2019-2020


As the governing body for the sport of soccer in Colorado, it is the goal of the Colorado Soccer Association (CSA) to provide educational, management, and service support to our member clubs. CSA is the leader and caretaker of the game for the Colorado soccer community, and it is our hope that we continue to inspire passion and honor the game for future generations.

The following is an overview of CSA member benefits for 2019-2020. Current members, and potential members are invited to learn more about CSA and our commitment to our membership.


Governance and Assistance

  • Provide CSA office support/customer service to our member clubs 5 days a week.

  • Provide opportunities and guidance for new startup clubs 

  • Provide information for clubs to consider when forming bylaws, rules, and policies

  • Provide mediation for disputes among clubs, players, coaches, and/or referees

  • Provide improved communication between CSA, clubs, and players 

  • Provide access to easy player registration and management through GotSoccer 

  • Provide consults with clubs regarding club governance, reorganization, and more

  • Provide assistance to clubs with legal issues on an as-needed basis especially when issues can have a dramatic effect on all member clubs such as the employee/independent contractor issue for part-time coaches



Risk Management  

It is the intent of CSA to provide a healthy, safe and enjoyable soccer environment for all participants. CSA has adopted the US Youth Soccer Kid Safe Program, which is designed to create a safe environment for all players associated with CSA. We are committed to providing all support necessary for our clubs to implement the program. Please see the CSA Risk Management Policy for more information.

  • Provide clubs with background check screening program for all volunteers, coaches, referees or anybody who may be near children at any time

  • Provide clubs with SafeSport training program for all volunteers, coaches, referees or anybody who may be near children at any time

  • Provide clubs with concussion training programs for all their volunteers, coaches, referees or anybody who may be near children at any time.

  • Provide clubs the ability to track all concussion and SafeSport training as well as background checks through the GotSoccer systems



Insurance Benefits

  • Provide liability insurance coverage for directors and officers of all member clubs

  • Provide general liability insurance for all member clubs

  • Provide secondary medical insurance for player, coach and referee injuries



US Youth and US Soccer Federation Liaison

  • Serve as liaison between clubs and USYS and USSF

  • Serve as the liaison for clubs seeking international clearance for players 

  • Provide clarification of rules at the state, regional, and national levels 

  • Inform and educate clubs on policy, rule, and procedural changes at the national level



Coaching Education

  • Provide training, education and evaluation programs for coaches in Colorado

  • Provide several coaching clinics per year (including C and D level courses)

  • Provide regular communication to Colorado coaches regarding best practices and new coaching techniques

  • Provide youth coaching modules to Colorado clubs and coaches




  • Provide training for clubs and coaches of athletes with disabilities

  • Enable thousands of young athletes with disabilities to become valued and successful members of the Colorado soccer community.

  • Serve as liaison between USYS and TOPSoccer programs in Colorado

  • Develop and manage local TOPSoccer events 

  • Promote and coordinate the TOPSoccer program for clubs throughout Colorado



Colorado Select Programs (formerly known as the Olympic Development Program)

  • Identify players of the highest caliber on a continuing and consistent basis, which will lead to increased success for the U.S. National Teams in the international arena

  • Coordinate Colorado Select tryouts and training throughout Colorado

  • Lead Colorado Select team travel to regional and national tournaments throughout the nation

  • Run the Elite Player Development program (EPD) designed to identify potential Colorado Select players prior to becoming eligible for Colorado Select




  • Sanction, regulate, and advertise CSA member club tournaments  

  • Assist with regional and national level tournaments when played in Colorado

  • Develop, manage, and execute several key Colorado tournaments: State Cup, Presidents Cup, Centennial Cup, CSA Cup, Target Cup, Cinco de Mayo

  • Provide payment of Regional Championship entry fees for winning State Cup and Presidents Cup teams




  • Provide leagues and management of leagues for play across Colorado 

  • Provide scheduling and matchups of games

  • Manage scheduling to avoid coaching conflicts, home games per day, game changes, and other issues

  • Provide management of club’s coach, player, and referee suspensions at the state and national level

  • Provide ongoing club and coach communication regarding league structure, deadlines, fees, league changes, and updates 
    Manage the match issues such as red and yellow cards and suspensions

  • Oversee the communication between referees, clubs, coaches, and parents regarding match issues such as red and yellow cards, suspensions, referee feedback and coach feedback

  • Provide player registrations, rosters, player passes and general management of players, teams and contacts through GotSoccer 

  • Provide clubs with player forms and waivers



Grants and Scholarships

  • Provide field and foundation grant opportunities to member clubs



Marketing and Communication Support

  • Provide Colorado-wide communication about club and CSA activities and news

  • Provide monthly newsletters via email to CSA members

  • Provide a vetting process for fundraising opportunities exclusively for CSA clubs

  • Manage marketing with CSA partners for the benefit of all CSA members

  • Provide state-wide and national promotion of club sanctioned tournaments



Referees and Assignors (In cooperation with the Colorado Referee Committee)

  • Provide oversight of the Colorado Referee program

  • Promote the Colorado Referee Program to the Colorado community

  • Lead recruitment and retention efforts for Colorado referees

  • Provide training, education and evaluation programs to build a quality referee pool in Colorado

  • Provide regular communication between the referee community and the CSA Board of Directors  



Adult Program Member Benefits and Services

In addition to the youth club member benefits, CSA also provides benefits and services for adult soccer players in Colorado. Many of the same benefits mentioned above for youth also apply to adults:

  • Governance and Assistance

  • Risk Management  

  • Insurance Benefits

  • USASA and US Soccer Federation Liaison

  • Tournaments 

  • Coaching Education

  • Leagues

  • Marketing and Communication Support

  • Referees and Assignors (In cooperation with the Colorado Referee Committee)

For more information on our adult programs, visit our adult website at



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*All applications will be reviewed after the November 1st deadline for each subsequent fall year*




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