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Colorado Teams Perform Well in Region IV Events


This summer, twenty-eight teams from Colorado traveled across the western United States to represent the state on a regional level. Colorado Soccer Association would like to extend our gratitude and congratulations to all teams and clubs that represented our state with the utmost skill, class, and responsibility. 


Unfortunately, we do not have pictures of every team that participated in Far West Regionals in Seattle, WA. If you have a team picture of a team missing below, click here email it to Jimmy Sparkman.


Click on each of the logos below to see how the teams did in each of the events!


region-4-finalMPC 20172017-RIV-PCUP



BU17 Club Americagu14 realu12 stormGU13 Realbu13 storm fcGU18 Arsenalu12 realbu17-18 st vraingu17-18 Realgu17-18 Rapidsbu15 Catalunyagu16 realgu16 BroomfieldBU19 FC Bouldergu14 rapids123bu16 rmsaIMG_0234bu14 Rapidsgu13 real





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