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Want to prevent and reduce player injuries? 

The F-MARC developed in 2003 "The FIFA 11," a prevention program for amateur players, whose effectiveness has been impressively proven in Switzerland. The nationwide implementation (2004-2008) led to a significant decrease in injuries during matches and training, proving not only the effectiveness of the program, but that it is easily and broadly applicable. Since then, "The FIFA 11" has been further developed (20026) into a more comprehensive program.

CSA Director of Coaching, Mike Freitag recommends this website as a great resource for coaches looking to help their players stay injury free. Click here to visit the website!

Small-Sided Games Manual for Coaches


Given the U. S. Soccer Player Development Initiative impacting small-sided games for the zone 1 age groups the US Youth Soccer Small-Sided Games Manual has been updated.  

  • All of the field diagrams have been revised. 
  • The new set of modified laws of the game have been included.  The labels for the age groups have changed.  Some of the text has been rewritten to properly reflect the mandates from the Federation, which will be uniformly applied to all youth soccer members by August 2017.


While small-sided games will soon be required of all youth soccer members of U. S. Soccer a good deal of education will be needed over the next few years as the change becomes the new norm.  Subsequently, materials will remain as a resource for you in the Small-Sided Games Resource Center in the Coaches’ section of the US Youth Soccer website.  Please guide your members to that resource to help them with the transition to new playing numbers and rules for the zone 1 age groups.

Download the Small-Sided Games Manual Here

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